New Age of Sustainable Fashion, Jewelry & Lifestyle materializes our dream about truly sustainable lifestyle (fashion, jewelry, home decor) products that serve the planet's wellbeing.

Years ago, the environmentalist, inventor and clean tech entrepreneur Julia Daviy concluded that transparent, short, and clean supply chains are incredibly important for creating genuinely sustainable items. She dove into digital design, additive manufacturing (professional 3D printing), and other technology to find a way to create products with zero negative and even positive impact on society, humans, and life on our planet.

At that time, digital technology and 3D printing offered a part of the solution. The other part needed to be created. New Age Lab, co-founded by Julia, had to test dozens of materials and processes, making the first sustainable wearable 3D-printed clothes and one of the first digitally-made sustainable lifestyle products.

DAVIY offers selected fashion and design products developed by New Age Lab. The online boutique also showcases new ways of doing things, where 3D printing and digital design are a part of the innovative process and products with close to zero and even beneficial environmental impact.

At, you may find sustainable, innovative art bags and fashion accessories, brand sustainable jewelry, and homeware.

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